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Reading has traditionally been a solitary activity. I personally believe that this is because readers are traditionally more introverted people. Watchers rather than doers. Not to make us sound like a creepy bunch…

Seems like recently readers have started to reach out to each other. Mostly over the internet, but you have to start somewhere right? Plus, in our crazy, busy, wired lives, sometimes it’s easier to connect online.

I thought it might be a great time to put together a list of places online that book lovers like to congregate in the hopes that you will discover something new. Or just nod your head approvingly because you already knew about that one and you likey.

I’d say that my very favourite book site right now is Bookshelf Porn. The name says it all no? Beautiful pictures of people’s beautiful book collections artfully, cleverly or simply brilliantly displayed. I can spend hours on this website just looking at all the wonderful books. It’s also not a bad place to go for ideas, like a book Christmas tree, or shelving that allows you to sort your collection by the books that you’ve read and those that you have yet to read.

I stumbled on Goodreads when I was working as a temp and decided to use my time to search for some titles for my book club’s next read. If you haven’t already heard of Goodreads, it is described as a social network for reading. But instead of stalking…er catching up with your friends, it is an online community of books and book reviews. Log in, create a profile and start adding book that you’ve read, that you’re reading or that you want to read. When you are done you can star the book or write a short review. If your friends sign up, you can connect with them that way too – all about reading. You can set a book goal here as well and it will help you keep track of the titles you’ve read. The best part is when you’ve read a number of books, you can really visualize how you’re doing, how eclectic your taste is and how many pages you’ve read!

If you like good deals on your books (and who doesn’t) then you must already love the Book Depository. It’s like Amazon but the books are cheaper and they offer free shipping. You may have to wait a couple of weeks and each book will be shipped individually but when you can get 4 recent releases for $20, you will agree that it’s worth the wait. My favourite part is watching other people shop – there is a map of the world and titles that people buy in which country pop up all over. A fun way to come up with new titles to add to your list.

Maybe I will keep it at three for now. Did I miss any super important ones?  Leave a link in the comments!

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