The Countdown Is On

I am beyond excited about the upcoming release of JK Rowling’s adult book, The Casual Vacancy. And I think that Little, Brown and Company must know this because they are teasing the hell out of me with their marketing campaign.

First there was the BIG news that not only was Rowling busy writing a new book, but it would be for adults! Although I personally don’t believe that there was anything that childish about the later Harry Potter books, I was terribly excited. I adore JK Rowling. She came into my life at that pivotal developmental age, the crossroads of “lifelong reader and lover of books” and “reader of magazines and cereal boxes.” When I was 14 she came to Vancouver to do a reading and I went and convulsed in screaming hysterics along with the rest of the (much younger) audience.

She was my idol.

I think she still is in many ways. She’s smart. And funny. And brilliant and wonderful and all good things. And now? She’s got a new book coming out. For adults. For me!

So first there was the announcement of an upcoming book. Then the title! And a short description of what the book would be about (village elections! Mysterious, sudden death! A neighbourhood at war with itself!) and now? The cover.

It’s red!

The book doesn’t come out until the end of September (the 27th to be exact) but at least now we will know exactly what to look for when we rush into the store on our lunch break to pick a copy up.


4 thoughts on “The Countdown Is On

      • Compared to the cover art of hp, this one is rather flat and dry, but i guess they think it fits the plot.

        Most people judge a book by its cover, so if they do intend to capture the non-rowling fans, or new readers, i think its a little flat. But thats just my opinion 🙂

      • I am the WORST and judging books by covers. And I’ve been let down by pretty covers! But in this case I really don’t care what it looks like, I love Rowling and I just know its going to be great.
        But it’s definitely possible that they missed an opportunity here.

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