Book Sale

The other day I went to a Library Sale for the first time. This might surprise you considering how open I have been about the fact that I am a book hoarder. The truth is, I have no problem paying full price for a book. Book buying is my vice – I really don’t buy tons of other stuff. I almost never buy new clothes, or shoes or bags. I’m not a foodie or a concert goer. Nail polish and books – those are my weaknesses.

I’m basically a well-read hobo with shiny nails.

But the book sale! I’ve heard about these magical library book sales where the library divests itself of certain pieces of its majestic collection. But I’ve never been able to attend. Now? The one good thing about my new job is that it’s half a block away from the glorious Vancouver Public Library. So when I saw the banners up, declaring that the time had come for its Summer Book Sale, I wrote down the dates and started a countdown.

When the day came I recruited some friends to come along with me, during our lunch. There was a scary moment when, after I had declared my intention to shun the recently arrived sunshine for a book sale at the library, a co-worker told me that in times past there has always been a really long line to get in. I almost gave up, hating lines and not actually having that much time for a lunch break.

But I went. And I waited anxiously for my partners in crime to show and then I dragged them downstairs to the appointed book sale rooms and…waited in line.

But only for about 5 minutes, probably less. I’m a terrible judge of how much time has passed. Finally (I say finally because I was waiting for the book sale for days and days!) we were allowed in to roam free among all of the beautiful books laid out on tables. There were rows and rows of books, books in boxes under the tables, books all over trolleys and, in some cases, all over the floor. Fellow book lovers looking for a good deal were pawing through the books in the boxes on the floor, weaving their way around the kids with their selections who had plopped themselves down in the middle of everything to start reading and in the midst of it all, volunteers or librarians managing to maintain some semblance of calm in all that chaos.

Despite being pressed for time, I worked my way methodically through the room. Twice. I do not mess around in the presence of books. I was really surprised with how up to date and in good shape the books were. I assumed, when the library is selling off books, that they would all be really old and practically falling apart. I mean, some books on offer were going for 75 cents! The most expensive books were only $2.50 but they were lovely and in great shape and I left with 5 of them.

Which was actually a pretty modest haul for me. But I plan on going back for the Fall Sale in October.


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