Liebster Award what?!


I was thrilled and honoured (and delightfully surprised) to be nominated for a Liebster award by Lindsey at Reeder Reads. The idea behind the Liebster awards is for bloggers to get to share some of their favourite blogs as well as get a little attention themselves. So I’m pretty excited to get a chance to join in!

But you guys, accolades and awards like this don’t come free. You have to earn them. The Liebster award has four parts: state 11 random facts about yourself (11!), answer 11 questions about yourself that were given to you by your nominator, nominate people yourself, and finally, give your nominees 11 questions to answer.

Are you ready?

Let’s do this.

11 Random Facts About ME

  1. I have a really excellent memory but for really useless things.  I can remember the exact dates that really non-important things in my life happen as well as strangers’ faces. So if one time you were the cashier in this little town on a roadtrip and I see you in my neck of the woods? I’ll know.
  2. But my memory also serves me well in useless trivia. Curious about royal history? I got you. Wondering about the origin of the word ‘bistro’? Covered. Trying to remember who Elizabeth Taylor married when? Hilton Wilding Todd Fisher Burton Burton Warner Fortensky.
  3. Sometimes when I can’t sleep, instead of counting sheep, I try to come up with an alphabet of classic authors: Austen, Bronte, Chaucer, Dickens, Eliot, Fitzgerald etc.
  4. I used to want to get 2 dogs and call them Bronte and Eliot. Instead I got one called Henrik.
  5. I have over 100 bottles of nail polish and haven’t had bare nails in about 12 years.
  6. I hate to shower. I do it because, you know, I should. But I would happily forgo it and just be smelly.
  7. I keep track of the books I read here, on the 50 Book Pledge, on Goodreads, in a notebook in my purse and a notebook I keep at home. I have OCD tendencies evidently.
  8. I still send out Christmas cards. The stack of envelopes heading out into the world always makes me happy.
  9. I totally baby talk to my dog. It’s super embarrassing because he’s a big bad German Shepherd and also I’m a grown woman. But his face! It’s so fuzzy!
  10. I regularly have chocolate for breakfast. I’m not even going to qualify that one.
  11. I have a thing for redheads.

Answers to Lindsey’s Questions!

1. What is the one book you could never ever part with or get rid off?
Say it with me guys: Pride and Prejudice. Because I wouldn’t feel like a whole person without it in my life. I have about six copies of it.

2. Paper books or eBooks? Why?
Paper all the way. It’s probably less environmentally friendly and sometimes less convenient but a real paper book will always be better. A proper book seems simpler in a far too digital world. It’s straightforward, will never freeze and they look great on shelves.

3. If you could travel to one place in the world (all expenses paid), where would it be and why?
The UK. All the British Isles. Because it’s the place where all my favourite authors are, where most of the people I’ve read about come from and where I suspect I would be most at home. 

4. If you could meet one author (dead or alive), who would it be and why?
Jane Austen because I suspect she would have some pretty astute observations to make about people. I love people watching and people watching with someone like Jane Austen? That’s Olympic level people watching. 

5. Do you play music while you read?
I LOVE to play music while I read. I do a lot of reading on the bus so I have headphones in. I can listen to anything while I read but my favourite at home is classical. Nothing better than a great book and classical music. 

6. If you could create a dish with any cookbook author, who would you want to cook with?
Can I just observe? I’m useless in the kitchen so while I would love to throw out someone like Gordon Ramsay or Jamie Oliver, I’d probably be safer with Jessica Seinfeld, of the Can’t Cook Cookbook.

7. If you were given $5000 to spend in one store in the world, where would you do your shopping?
I love home decor but I’m way too poor to get the good stuff. I would go to the Cross Design here in Vancouver. I would burn through that within 5m of the front entrance.

8. Do you have a favourite quote? Can you share it with us?
In a bid to remind myself and others that we can’t always control everything, I always say “The universe will unfold as it should.”

9. If you had to be a member of a literary family, which family would you join?
The Brontes.

10. Do you have a bad habit when reading? Twirling hair? Clicking your tongue? Tapping your foot?
I have a really hard time getting comfortable when I read. I shift around a lot.

11. Who is the one author or book that has changed the way you read?
The Shadow of the Wind made me think of books as living things. Their stories live through us. So I try and really experience their stories, minimize distractions and just lose myself in the pages. Like a true book nerd.

I nominate…

Jennine at My Life in Books because hers was one of the first blogs that I really visited regularly. She always has something to say that strikes me for any number of reasons. We share a love of classics and she’s been one of the adults that has really persuaded me to step outside of my genre comfort zone and give YA fiction a chance. She’s also always trying new reading challenges whether that’s getting through a certain number of 500+ page books or a 24 hour read-a-thon.

Denise at Listen Watch Read Share because she is always out there doing things. I love reading about her baking, her lovely daughters and things she’s reading or listening to on the radio. She is a most thoughtful person, writing about her daily life in a most absorbing way and I love getting to read those glimpses.

Full of Fiction because she’s reading a bunch of books after reading that reading makes you a better person. Her reviews are full of first time awe and sharp observations. I love reading her posts because they sometimes make me feel like I’m reading a classic for the first time. And we all know that reading a great book for the first time is one of life’s pleasures.

Tanya at 52 Books or Bust because I love how interactive her blog is. She has cover wars all the time, when she features the cover designs for one book in the US and it’s UK version, and I really enjoy seeing the differences but also reading her take on them. Just the other day she tackled a post on diversity in reading and that’s something that I have been trying to pay more attention in my own reading. She’s just great!

And Tania at writereads because she called me out on my CanLit reading prejudice. She’s ballsy like that. I’ve only recently started following her blog but what I’ve read is superb. Razor sharp wit, well thought out reviews and an advocate for CanLit – what’s not to love?

My Questions for the Nominees

  1. Austen or Bronte? Why?
  2. What was the last translated book you read?
  3. Where do you prefer to read?
  4. Are you part of a book club? If not, would you ever want to be a part of one?
  5. What is your earliest library memory?
  6. What are your feelings on choose your own adventure books?
  7. What book are you going to read next?
  8. Do you abandon books? Why or why not?
  9. If you read biographies, do you read mostly about men or women?
  10. Are you a library regular or a book store shopper?
  11. If you could see anyone in concert, living or dead, who would it be?

And that’s it! That was fun! Huge thanks again to Lindsey at Reeder Reads! Be sure and stop by – she has an excellent review of Listen to the Squawking Chicken up!

8 thoughts on “Liebster Award what?!

  1. I didn’t know you live in Vancouver! Is that something I should have known? I lived there for 12 years and if and when we move back to Canada it will be back to Van!

    And thank you so much for the nomination. It’s going to take me a couple of days to get things together. In the meantime, I’m going to check out the other blogs you mentioned! And BTW WriteReads is one of my favorite new blogs as well.

  2. Thank you for the nomination! I say it in my blog post, but had I known this award existed I would have nominated you. Your blog is just excellent. When it came time to pick my own nominees, I was all set to nominate Tanya at 52 Books but then I saw you had already done so. I will check out the other blogs you list post haste.
    And yes, I’m apparently a ballsy keener and have already done finished my post on this, but it’s the first award thingie for Write Reads and I’m excited!! – Tania

  3. Thank you so much!! It always means so much to me when someone besides my mom appreciates what I write. : ) I already finished my post! Do you know if there is a way to tag bloggers so that they are notified? I suppose I could go comment on one of their posts…

    • You are giving me way more blog savvy credit than I deserve! I think that if you are on wordpress and someone links to you, you will get a notification. But other platforms, I don’t know.
      I’m excited to read your post!

  4. Thanks for the nomination and kind words 🙂 You are one of my favorite blogs and the first I found “on my own,” meaning I didn’t find you through someone else. I was just wondering what I should post about this week, while I’m trying to get through my long book. Thanks again!

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