Paperback Princess Loves New Paperbacks!

I really do. I’m not sure when I started holding out in favour of paperbacks (probably around the time when I realized that being an adult is expensive!) but that’s my general MO these days.

So it delights me to be able to bring you all a list of fabulous books that have recently been turned into ready-to-love paperbacks. You know, so that you can start filling up your beach bags and lake totes with great books. So that when you are planning a picnic, you will have a list of books that you can stash in your basket.

I’ve been tricked before by news that the paperback version of Gone Girl was going to be released shortly. But now I’ve seen it with my own two eyes so it’s official. Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl is finally in paperback. Just in time for those of you that still haven’t read it to get to it before the movie’s release this fall. Seriously though, read this book.

The follow up to the JK Rowling-as-Robert-Galbraith penned The Cuckoo’s Calling is coming out this June. For those of you that can’t read The Silkworm until you’ve been introduced to Cormoran Strike properly, get thee to a bookstore for a copy of the freshly printed paperback!

The other day I waxed poetic about the perfection of the Paris: The Novel paperback and mentioned that Edward Rutherfurd’s previous city novels didn’t share this flawlessness. But then I went to the bookstore and lo and behold! Perfect paperbacks of London, New York and Russka. So if you’re in the market for that most perfect paperback but didn’t think Paris was your style? Now you have no excuse.

Remember how I loved The Circle by Dave Eggers? I thought it was a most excellent imagining of what could happen to the world if we’re not careful with the direction that social media is taking. It was a big ol’ beast of a book though so I can’t blame you if you wanted to wait for a more portable edition. Your time has come.

Finally, Harper Collins has done us the massive favour of publishing Jonas Jonasson’s brand new book, The Girl Who Saved the King of Sweden in paperback right off the bat. I loved his debut novel The 100 Year Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared (so did millions of others around the world) and I’m so very excited to crack this baby. Even though technically I’m on a book buying ban, my other half wasn’t there to see me so it totally doesn’t count.

There you go! A list of paperbacks to inspire some book cravings; you know you want to.

9 thoughts on “Paperback Princess Loves New Paperbacks!

  1. I also much prefer paperback’s to hardback books – that’s probably one of the reasons I’m often so behind on certain books, because I’d rather wait for the paperback to be realised. I love reading and new releases, but I also love not being broke!

    The fact that Jonas Jonasson’s book was published in paperback straight away is amazing – I wish more books were like that. Even if the book is only half as funny as the first novel, I’ll be thoroughly entertained.


    • And if you like to carry your books around with you, paperbacks are much lighter!

      It’s especially surprising that Jonas Jonasson’s book was published in paperback immediately given the success of the first one. People probably would have bought a hardcover!

      Thanks for the comment!

  2. Love me some paperbacks! A book has to be from an extra, extra special author or on sale for the price of a paperback for me to buy it! Although, sometimes there are hardbacks whose covers are just beautiful and they tempt me…but not too often.

    • I hear you. The Goldfinch for example. I have a hard time believing the paperback will come close to the beauty of that book. I also need my sets to match- which is why I always have to wait so long to read new Flavia de Luce books!

  3. I would say I’m in the paperback camp too, but if I reaaally want something that’s just released and it’s only in hardcover, I’ll still pick it up. Love that you have a post with all the new paperbacks out!

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