The Great Harry Potter Re-Read

I’ve always been a reader. My mom used to read to me every night (thanks Mom!) and once I was able to read for myself, I just started doing that all the time. I loved Anne of Green Gables, the Little House on the Prairie books, got started on the classics young, devoured the Anastasia Krupnik books (the other Lois Lowry books), and was devoted to Kit Pearson.


As my reading pace increased and I got older, I started dreading the day I would have run out of “children’s” books and have to read boring adult books; at the time there weren’t that many books for readers older than 12 but younger than 30.

Enter Harry Potter. I remember seeing the books everywhere at Christmas after the third book was published – I assumed Harry Potter was the author actually. I didn’t read them until I worked in a fairy store (true story – the shop sold fairy and magic merchandise and held children’s birthday parties; I dressed up as a fairy…we’ll just leave it there ok?) and the owner encouraged me to read them and familiarize myself with them in case people asked questions. The shop was insanely quiet all the time (not a massive market for fairy themed merchandise) so I started reading them at work.

And thus my love for JK Rowling was born.

As the books were published, I would re-read the ones that had come before, to refresh my memory on the story thus far and also, there still weren’t that many non-adult reading options. But once the books stopped coming out, there didn’t seem to be the same impetus to embark on a re-read.

But I missed Harry, Ron, Hermione, the Weasleys and Hogwarts. I’ve been thinking about embarking on The Great Harry Potter Re-Read for a while but there always seems to be a reason not to – these books are not quick reads so they will impact my ability to motor through my ever expanding TBR list. I watched the movies recently though and that solidified it for me: I needed to visit my old friends.

I’m currently making my way through Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire which I refer to as the TSN Turning Point – this is the book where everything changes.

Let me just say – these books really hold up over time. They are still hilarious, delightful, full of suspense and captivating plotlines. Having watched the movies I had forgotten how funny the books are – the Weasley twins do not get nearly enough screen time. Even Ron is so hilarious in the books (intentional or not) and it just never quite translated to the screen. I had forgotten how much Snape really does seem to hate Harry – it seems all consuming and kind of unhealthy for a teacher to hate a student that much.


I’m excited to get through this one and reach the Order of the Phoenix, which is probably my favourite of the bunch. Professor Umbridge is scary as played by Imelda Staunton but I remember her inspiring terror in the book.

I’ve definitely noticed my reading pace suffer as I attempt to juggle two books at once (Harry Potter before bed and at home, other books on my commute) but I kind of think it’s worth it.

It feels good to be back at Hogwarts.

20 thoughts on “The Great Harry Potter Re-Read

  1. I grew up reading Little House on the Prairie too! Your post really makes me want to do a HP reread as well. Interesting to hear that the Order of the Phoenix is one of your favourites; I always favoured the Prizoner of Azkaban/the Half Blood Prince out of the bunch.

    • An HP reread is necessary every few years! Prisoner of Azkaban is a classic. I think I’ve only read the half blood prince once, maybe twice so I don’t have the same feelings towards it. So much happens in the order of the Phoenix, everything has changed, new characters and the Weasleys are in fine form!

  2. How much fun! I lover series books because of the time you get to spend with the characters. And they almost always feel like coming home when you read them later.

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