I exercised zero control at the library!

I’m getting married in just under three months. Let’s just take a moment and think about how insane that is.

Sh*t’s getting real. And expensive. I may or may not have fallen off the book buying ban wagon. I have been exercising zero self control but it’s time to get my butt back to regular library trips.

So I went to the library and it was awesome. Every time I go back to the library after a lengthy absence I’m blown away all over again that all of these wonderful books are available to me for free. There is nothing better than free books.

I wandered around and started grabbing books left and right. Finally, a place where I don’t need to exercise any self control! I never get any of the Speed Reads. I don’t like the pressure. But good lord, if I was ok with that, there are so many books on those shelves that I want. Truly an embarrassment of riches.

This is the point in the blog post where I tell you about the books that I got at the library!

Every time I go, I always get an Agatha Christie. It’s probably official library policy somewhere: when one visits, one must take home one Agatha Christie mystery. This time was no different and I got Cat Among the Pigeons. I’d never heard of this one but the cover was purple and that was enough of a reason for me.

While I was in the Mystery section anyway, I poked my head around the Rs and wouldn’t you know it? Ian Rankin’s Saints of the Shadow Bible was there. Multiple copies! Mine.

Last year I realized that I loved Elizabeth Gaskell. But I thought I had already read all of her work (Cranford, Mary Barton, Wives and Daughter, North and South) but I was wrong! There was still Ruth to love! That too was added to my pile.

When I finished The Kingmaker’s Daughter, I found myself intrigued by The White Princess, despite my best intentions. I didn’t love The Kingmaker’s Daughter but the end was so…unfinished. I knew I’d eventually have to read the follow up. I haven’t come across it at very frequently – it was one book that I knew I wasn’t going to buy. But it was waiting for me at the library this time.

I keep hearing amazing things about The Storied Life of AJ Fikry. I’ve come across it in bookstores and I haven’t bought it. I ended up finding it tucked in among piles of books just returned and decided that it was the perfect time to actually read it. I can’t wait to get to this one.

I’m watching The Borgias with Jeremy Irons on Netflix right now and loving it. There’s a lot of really cool history happening but it’s an era that I’m not familiar with. I don’t know very much about different popes or the kings, dukes and leaders of Italy as it was; Italian history in general actually. The show has made me want to know more and when I found a biography of Lucretzia Borgia (one of my favourite characters on the show) I needed to have it. I suspect that this will be one of those times I’m sad that I didn’t buy the book.

Finally, I grabbed a biography of Queen Anne. I know about as much about the Stuart monarchs as I do about Italian history and I’m looking forward to remedying that.

What do you think of my library haul? Have you read any of them?

21 thoughts on “I exercised zero control at the library!

  1. Love this! Makes me want to go to the library right now!
    Usually when I go to the library I already have books on hold to pick up, and I try to stick to them. I don’t even let my eyes wander. But, every once in a while, when I don’t have any holds in, I let myself go crazy and it’s so much fun. I have to admit, I then feel the pressure to read them all before they are due, but it’s worth it. (For some reason I find it really hard to return an unread book, even though I know I can just get it out again later. Is it just me?)

    • Not just you! I hate sending books back unread. I try to be super realistic about how many books I take home- some of these are quite short and I have some time of coming up. It would be so hard to drop by just to collect books on hold!

  2. Loved hearing about your library haul! I always borrow WAY too many books but some of them are just too good to pass up! I’ve only read The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry out of your list; I can’t wait to hear what you think! It is an adorable book.

    • I get in there thinking “just a couple” and walk through going “mine mine mine, also mine.” And then I have a pile to carry home. I’m really excited to read The Stories Life- I’ve heard only excellent things!

  3. Awesome! I’ve been using my Overdrive app, which let’s me borrow the library’s ebook selections right on my Kindle app! And I found out I have two Agatha Christie novels to teach for class this year! Yay! Murder on the Orient Express and Death on the Nile.

  4. I’m a frequent flyer at the library as well. I always grab more than I have time for and feel bad about the stack as I pass by them. Although it is comforting to know I have a book patiently awaiting me when I’m ready.

  5. I have a total library addiction. Last time I went I came across Dreams of Gods and Monsters which I can’t wait to start. I always walk out with one more book than what I went for. AJ Fikry was wonderful-a book for book people absolutely.

    • Just finished the first season last night! Really really want to jump into the bio! As for the ‘nuptials’ – I got an email that I can go ahead and get my marriage license which is just…I mean….words.

      • So, if you haven’t learned this yet, there were supposed to be 4 seasons, but the 4th was cancelled. And then there was going to be a movie instead of season 4, which never happened, but you can read the movie script. But, even if you need closure, I do not recommend this route! 🙂

        And, I’m getting married on Saturday! We picked up the license a couple weeks ago!

  6. You got some great reads! I think it’s great that you utilize your library. I own so many books (and my office is overflowing with advanced reading copies), but there is nothing better than going to the library, using a card and getting to leave with books for FREE!

  7. Love how you have included some good ol’ biographies!!! I really enjoy a good balance between fiction and some history!!

    BTW congrats on getting engaged! Three months will fly by so enjoy every minute of it (I have never been married but I had a friend get married and that is what she reported to me).

    • Thanks! I got engaged last April and at the time it seemed like we had all the time in the world so your friend is totally right – it does fly by.

      I LOVE biographies. It seems like it’s been a while since I’ve read one so that needs to be remedied.

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