Book Crimes

With less than three weeks to go until my wedding, my reading time is suffering in a bad way. Every day is some kind of wedding related something: trials to make me beautiful, meetings to make the venue beautiful, fittings, running down the perfect ribbon/candles/stationary, writing thank you cards, crafting timelines, dropping off cake toppers, tracking down the right kind of rentals – these things take up an insane amount of time.

The good news is that it’s almost over and then! Then I will go to Powell’s.

In the meantime, I will try to put reviews up as much as I can but the (reading) future looks bleak.

Today though, I thought we could discuss book crime. Without any further segue way…here’s a list of things I consider bookish crime.

Seeing the movie before reading the book. The other day I won tickets to the premier of This Is Where I Leave You based on the book by Jonathan Tropper. And I was all excited until I realized that I hadn’t read the book. In my world, this is the ultimate book crime: seeing the movie without having read the book. Admittedly these days you really do need to be more choosey – seems like all movies are based on books and we can’t possibly read/see them all. But seeing the movie without having read the source material (when said source material is available) seems like a shortcut to me, one that can’t be undone. If the movie was great and then you want to read the book, you will go through the reading all “it was better in the movie” or God forbid “that’s not what it was like in the movie!” Thankfully I’ve now read This Is Where I Leave You and look forward to a proper comparison when I see the movie tomorrow night.

Buying move tie-in covers when the originals are available. Equally criminal. I get it – sometimes you have no choice because the movie poster covers are the only ones available and getting this version is a lesser book crime than not reading it before you see it. But given the option? Original book cover should win every time.

Destroying books in the interest of arts and crafts. Pinterest has been a great help to me in the months that I’ve been crafting my wedding day. But it’s also the reason that people keep tearing old books apart to make crafts. Paper roses made out of pages torn from your favourite books? Ink drawings on the pages of old dictionaries? Backdrops made out of stapled pages? Bookmarks made out of book spines?! These hurt my heart. It should come as no surprise that there will be a literary bent to my wedding but no books were harmed in the making.

Stealing my books. When I loan you my books, I expect that you will read them, look after them and then, crucially, return them to me. Otherwise you’re just stealing.

Defiling library books. I feel like the library has similar expectations and hopes that you won’t get nasty crusty detritus smeared all over the pages. Or drop it in the tub. Or spill food on the pages. Or let their books get infested with bed bugs. All of these things: book crime.

Having no books in the house and being proud of that fact. I know that people love their e-readers. I get the appeal, even though I still do not want one. But not having any books in your house because you have an e-reader is the worst thing I’ve ever heard. People that describe books as “clutter” might as well rip out my heart and stomp on it. Books are not clutter and a “room without books, is like a body without a soul” (Marcus Tullius Cicero) so there!

What do you consider a book crime?

19 thoughts on “Book Crimes

  1. Awesome post! I soooo agree!!! If there’s only a movie cover book available, I order the regular cover. The people at B&N have been very understanding about it. Lol!

    Yay for the wedding!

  2. OMG this whole post is SO true. I agree with every point (except maybe the first one). I recently saw The Maze Runner before reading the book and I actually didn’t mind it! I am, however, reading This is Where I Leave You now before I see the movie on Wednesday 😉

    Congratulations on your wedding; I’m sure it will be a great day! 🙂

    • Guess we have the same plans tonight (in different time zones)!

      I watched Mansfield Park before reading the book and ended up thinking that the movie was way better. *The movie was better than the book JANE AUSTEN wrote* I’ve since gone back and read the book several times (at different ages) and re-watched the movie: the book is better.

  3. I agree, all crimes! I don’t think I could feel at home in a house without books. I have an edition of Ethan Frome with a movie tie-in cover, and I shiver every time I see it. I just resolved to donate this one and get a different edition.

  4. Yay for a wedding! How fun! I loved This is How I Leave You-so I am anxious to hear about the movie. I totally agree with you about the pinterest book destruction. It hurts to see some of them.

    • It’s going to be really fun to look back at the pictures and remember it without having to run around and make things happen!

      I think I have some mixed feelings about the book actually! There were some rough edges that grated on me a little. But I will post about it later. At least I read it before I see the movie. I’m glad I’m not the only one that hates the book crafts. They are the worst. People always send me examples like “you like books, you will like these photos of books ripped to shreds in the shape of flowers.” No.

  5. What a great topic! Everything you listed is truly a crime. How about saying books are boring? I think I’ve heard that a few times.

  6. Loving this post!! Yeah the last point I totally agree with you, especially with that quote by Cicero. I dunno about you, but I am not living in a soul-less house! I am just so grateful that my bf feels the same way about books; they are amazing. We are even putting together a book nook at our new place!

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