My Love for China Rich Girlfriend Knows No Bounds

It’s summer. Which means it’s time to totally give ourselves over to delicious, gossipy, hilarious, wonderful books. They will be tucked in our backpacks at the park, toted to the beach, packed for the cabin and nestled next to picnic staples. Oh yes, summer is a glorious time for reading.

Two summers ago I was delighted by Kevin Kwan’s Crazy Rich Asians. It was unlike anything I’d ever read before. It was unapologetically over-the-top and yet, totally culturally enlightening. It was one of the highlights of my reading year.

So when I heard about the sequel, China Rich Girlfriend, I was SO EXCITED.


I did try and temper my expectations. Crazy Rich Asians was such a perfect gossip read while explaining a certain segment of society. Culturally, I learned a lot. Could a follow up book really live up to that?

YES. So much yes.

You absolutely need to have read Crazy Rich Asians before you embark on China Rich Girlfriend and I really urge you to do that. Immediately. China Rich Girlfriend is even more over-the-top than it’s predecessor. I was laughing like a maniac as soon as I cracked it. Kwan puts footnotes in his fiction because this world is based on real life. The footnotes were great the first time, they are hysterical this time.

It’s hard to talk about this book without giving a lot away. There are a lot of storylines happening, a lot of different characters all more or less connected. This book is full of exotic locations, private jets, family hysterics, social histories, antiques, priceless art and the rules that everyone must play by.

I don’t know why this isn’t already tucked in your beach bag, honestly.

If you need more convincing, you should read this.

Thanks to Penguin Random House of Canada for providing me with an ARC of this book. 

14 thoughts on “My Love for China Rich Girlfriend Knows No Bounds

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