I Hate Packing Except When It Comes to Books

It’s no secret that I’m not summer’s biggest fan. I don’t love extreme weather and this water shortage business and all the forest fires hereabouts, well it’s getting old.

That said, summer does have a tendency to have some great long weekends and that I can get down with. Happy BC Day long weekend BC peeps!


(Apologies to those not residing in BC who are potentially long weekend-less this weekend.)

My mother-in-law’s birthday usually falls on this weekend so we always visit them at the lake. And you know what that means: I had to pack reading material!

Last time I was in the middle of A Royal Experiment: The Private Life of George III which was excellent from a learning-about-royals perspective but terrible for reading at the lake. So I decided to try and go with some lighter fare this time around.  The books are slightly longer but there are fewer of them so I’m hoping for the same rate of success. Last time, I got through A Royal Experiment at the beginning of the trip and ended it with The Woman in White which destroyed my July reading numbers.

You’d think I’d be better at this by now.

I’m learning ok? These are the books I’m bringing this time:

The Interestings by Meg Wolitzer. I think I’m the last person to read this book so I’m assuming most of you are familiar with the tale of summer camp teens that find that their creativity then does not necessarily fuel an adult life. Reading about summer camp in the middle of summer in the sun sounds like a great idea to me.

Lady Anna by Anthony Trollope. I’ve mentioned this book recently. I’m going to try and class up my summer with a Victorian novel that’s not quite as long as the aforementioned The Woman in White. I love reading about English nobility, even more so those that are involved in the kind of scandal that involves mistresses and unwanted pregnancy. Am I monster?

The Little Paris Bookshop by Nina George. I read an excerpt of this online recently and was completely charmed by it. I added it to my list and promptly forgot about it (it’s a long, ever growing list ok?). But then my mom mentioned it as a book she’d recently read and loved. I asked if I could borrow it but she only had an ebook. Earlier this week, a copy of the book made its way into a bag of books my sister was returning to me. Thanks Mama.

No Cure For Love by Peter Robinson. A long weekend just isn’t complete without some kind of mystery novel. This is a 20th anniversary of the novel, all shiny and new. I’m looking forward to unwrapping this stalker mystery!

I’m wondering if I maybe didn’t bring enough reading material but my husband is picking up what may be some additional book mail so I’m sure it will be fine! It’s not like my in-laws have no books in the house.

What have you taken on vacation with you recently? What was your favourite holiday reading experience?


15 thoughts on “I Hate Packing Except When It Comes to Books

  1. This is why the kindle is the greatest invention in my life second to air conditioning. I love not carrying 10 books for vacation. and then running out. I had lots of hospital waiting room sitting and flight time this last week. I read:
    The Royal We
    The Scorpion Rules
    The Witch Hunter
    Finding Paris
    Crimson Bound

    Circling the Sun – not in the right mood
    Lair of Dreams – so good!

    2 DNFs:
    Priya in Heels
    Paper Hearts

    The Royal We was the perfect book for me this weekend! I loved it.

    • I hear what you’re saying about this kindle business but I just can’t! I ended up bringing 9 books with me because of the book mail and a last minute library run. Overkill for sure. But is there anything better than having a pile of books to choose from?
      Hospital? Hope everything’s ok! I’m glad you had The Royal We to keep you company!

  2. Long weekend for us, too! We went camping in Lunenburg, NS, and I only got about 100 pages read, but they were good ones – from Against a Darkening Sky by Lauren B. Davis. I hope you had a good one!

      • That, but also when the 5 of us are all sleeping in the same small space, all the lights have to be turned off before anyone can go to sleep. So, most of my reading happens in the morning when I wake up before the kids, which doesn’t last very long. 🙂
        I have always thought that we should have 3 day weekends every week!

  3. I can’t answer the vacation question because we’re not going on one this summer but I am really interested to hear more about Lady Anna. Trollope’s The We Live Now is a chunkster but is hilarious as a satire of Victorian life. Plus, despite its being set in the 1800s it reads like something from TMZ- drugs, bad behavior, you name it.

    I also hope you have time to get to the The Little Paris Bookshop. I tried it and loved it at the beginning but could not stay engaged so will want to know if I need to give it another chance!

    • I’ve been trying to read Lady Anna all week. I was expecting more satire because of The Way We Live Now but it’s proving to be quite a slog. Maybe I’m missing something crucial? I did read The Little Paris Bookshop- I have a post scheduled in the coming days. But you don’t need to give it another chance.

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