Library Love

It’s October (late October at that, how did this even happen?!) and I’ve managed to read 120 books. OK fine, 119. But I’m reading book 120 right now.

And lest you think this is just a chance for me to brag about that, there is actually a point.

The library.

Of the 120 books this year (yeah I’m rounding up – by the time this goes up, I will be finished with The Library at Mount Char), 26 have come from the library. Now, math has never been my strong suit but that’s 22% of the total. That’s a pretty big chunk.

Last year, when I was planning my wedding, the library became part of my regular routine because it was a free way to get fresh reading material. Once the dust had settled on that event, I went a little insane buying new material. I’ve always been someone who likes to buy books. I enjoy having them, I like lending them (to some people) and I love looking at them. Certain books hold really strong memories too – of when I read them, what was going on in my life at the time, how I reacted to a certain book.

But something shifted with me this year. I don’t know if it’s because books are quite literally taking over my home, if it’s that I’m getting older and am starting to shift away from having stuff or if maybe I’m starting to read faster and I can’t keep up with the need for new material (can you imagine finishing a book and having nothing on hand to start on?) but I’ve needed my library in a way that I didn’t before.

I LOVE my library.


I love that there’s one around the corner from my office. It has completely removed that old obstacle of returning books on time. When I finish a book, I bring it to work and it sits on my desk until a day when I have enough of them and I walk over to bring them back. And usually walk out with a new stack.

I love the selection at my library. I love that I can walk in and out with fresh new reads with very little effort. If I have more time, I can wander. I will probably never run out of great mysteries to read there. I love that they take their recommendations so seriously – those librarians know their stuff.

I love how quiet it is in the library. I find being around people exhausting. Partially, I mostly hate other people but I also tend to take on other people’s emotions so just being around people drains me. I’m physically exhausted from being social. The library lays no claims to me this way. It allows me to exist, quietly, whispering great titles at me, knowing just what I need.

I love that there’s no judgment. Taking a stack of 8-10 books? Good for you. Reading about the Nazis? It’s important not to forget! Is that a pile of Maeve Binchy/Jane Green/other author people roll their eyes at? We all have our favourites!

I love the idea that when I return a book I love, someone else has the opportunity to find it.

Makes you want to go to your library doesn’t it? Libraries are one of the best things in life – the chance to read widely and freely (literally) is completely underrated. I have two library due dates right now but once that first one passes, you better believe I will be in there looking for another stack.


31 thoughts on “Library Love

  1. 120 books is a great amount of reading – I can only wish! I’ve recently started using my local library again and I love it for all the reasons you say, plus I’m lucky it has a great selection.

  2. Good for you on reaching 120. That’s an awesome year of reading. 🙂 Like you, I love to buy books, but I don’t have the room (or the money) to buy everything I want to read…so I go to my library. Every three weeks, like clockwork. And I love that they can even borrow books for me from other libraries when they don’t have what I want. I ALWAYS check out too many books at one time, but that’s the beauty of the library…it doesn’t cost me a thing. And if I read them, or if I don’t, it doesn’t matter to anyone but me. I don’t know what I would do without my library. Here’s hoping they never go away!

    • I love everything about your comment! I love that you have a library schedule! I only just recently started being ok with returning books unread! Which is completely ridiculous but I guess that’s the great thing about getting older – you get better.

  3. Yes. I can go into my library knowing that no one will talk to me unless I ask them a question. Aah, peace. When I can, I stay longer than I need to. And, in the winter it’s always so warm.
    I often complain that mine doesn’t have the titles I’m looking for, but I love it anyway. (They are good about requests – I hope they aren’t getting tired of all mine.) And, I go once every week or two, and it’s just a 7 minute walk from my house. 7 minutes exactly. 🙂

  4. I am almost at 120 myself – I think I’m at 118! I love my library, but I do most of my reading these days on the bus to and from work, and there’s something about library books on buses that makes me nervous, so I’ve been working through my tbr pile. I do have some holds waiting for me though, so I’ll be visiting quite soon!

    • Look at us go! Nailing this reading gig.
      I need to know more about this library books on the bus thing – why does it make you nervous? I also do most of my reading on the bus, I’ve never thought to be nervous about that with library books!

  5. I will hit this point once I read everything I own. I could probably take a year off work and read through my house and not get to everything…I have tons, for the reasons you mention. But during the school year I love the ebook loan on my overdrive app. Easy to carry a book to read when it’s on the iPad I’m already toting!

  6. I am so jealous of your reading haha. 120!? And I am totally with you on the library love. I really only got into using my library this year and it’s been so great. My wallet thanks me lol. Really thoughtful post :).

  7. I’ve actually never been big on buying books. I try to do it sometimes, to support my favorite authors, but I also love the library. A lot of my library visiting has been replaced with ARCs since I started blogging, but I’d like to get back to using my library more.

    • When I got my first job I started buying books. I loved that I could buy whatever I wanted and then I loved looking at them all tucked up on my shelves. It seemed like such a luxurious thing to do. But you know, adulting is expensive. Books are an easy thing not to buy and still get to read.

  8. Wow! That’s an amazing amount of books. I generally read about 80 a year and I think that’s too much for me. This year I decided to slow down a little and will be happy to read 70. I think I’m on track…

  9. I looove libraries as well 😉 I remember that lovely time when I could sit in a quiet place in a large library and do some research, read articles and books there e.g. as a student.

    Now, with busy family and work life, it seems some days impossible to find time for books but I enjoy them so much that I try to squeeze time in for reading (and writing) whenever I can. It’s a fantastic but very time-consuming activity and sometimes I laugh why my hobby isnt stamps collection xD I’d have so much more time haha 😉

    Btw do you choose some of your books based on their covers? I’ve recently wrote a post about it – please let me know wht do you think if you have a moment:


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