Library Checkout: November 2015

We’ve already celebrated Thanksgiving up here in Canada but since this will go up on American Thanksgiving, just wanted to wish all of you celebrating a happy, delicious day with your loved ones.

I know I’m super thankful to Shannon at Rivercity Reading for starting this handy little library love chain letter because it means I don’t have to think about content for a blog post! And of course, I’m so thankful to have such wonderful libraries close to home because they continue to support my love of reading without devastating my bank account.

Let’s get to it!


Library Books Read

Dreams of Joy by Lisa See
Broken Harbour by Tana French
Snobs by Julian Fellowes
The Hypnotist’s Love Story by Liane Moriarty
The Pearl That Broke Its Shell by Nadia Hashimi

It felt like I had a strong library reading month but actually, I just had a strong library visiting month. I did manage to read these before my crippling inability to CHOOSE a book handcuffed me. (Anyone else feeling this right now? I dread finishing books because I have to DECIDE what I’m going to read next and I don’t want to make the “wrong” choice. As if there’s such a thing.)

Checked Out, To Be Read

The Wife, The Maid and the Mistress by Arial Lawhon
Partners in Crime by Agatha Christie
The Tsar of Love and Techno by Anthony Marra (I thought I had A Constellation of Vital Phenomena, Chelsey, but I don’t! This is the one I grabbed)
Carol by Patricia Highsmith

For some reason when it’s time to choose a new book and I look at these books I don’t want to read any of them. But I have the same issue with all the books I have yet to read, the ones I’ve borrowed and my own. What is happening?

Returned Unread

The Bishop’s Man by Linden McIntyre

I started reading it, was looking forward to reading it in fact. But nothing about it hooked me and after 60 pages I decided that actually I wasn’t in the mood to read about the horrible things priests did to kids that the Church did nothing about.

On Hold

Still nothing! I don’t deserve to get to hold anything – I was late returning some of the books and now I owe $0.60.

What did your library month look like? Any tips for healing my choosing paralysis? 


17 thoughts on “Library Checkout: November 2015

  1. $0.60!! Are you banned now?
    I have had the decision-making problems many times. That’s when I get one of my kids to help me choose, usually based on the cover they like the best. It usually works out pretty well. You could ask your husband. Or pick from a hat. Or ask us!
    I hear the Anthony Marra book is good. I have A Constellation, but haven’t read it yet, but am dying to. So why haven’t I? I have no idea.
    Too bad you couldn’t get into The Bishop’s Man – I was looking forward to your opinion. But, maybe the fact that you couldn’t get into it says enough.
    I’m curious to hear what you thought of The Pearl That Broke Its Shell!

    • Banned for LIFE.
      I just finished The Pearl That Broke Its Shell today and it was wonderful. I had some issues with the way the story kept flipping back and forth between the two women every chapter but overall, I really liked it. It made me cry.
      I was going to dip into The Bookseller…but maybe I will give the Anthony Marra a spin. Thanks!

  2. I thought the *same thing* about feeling like it was a great library month and then being so confused when I saw how many books I actually read. I had actually just checked out a ton of books and read so few. I really hope you get to BOTH Anthony Marra books, he’s so so wonderful!

    • I started the Anthony Marra one last night. “Started” might be a bit of a strong word, I think I’ve read about 5 pages. But that’s the one that I’m reading next.
      What is the deal with this library slump? Is it a slump? Do I need more strategy when I get books?

  3. Oh, my gosh, Eva; you are definitely not alone in your struggle to choose the next book; I’m thankful for my library hold list because it often determines which book I’ll read since I’ll only have it for a limited time – ha! I didn’t realize that these Tana French novels were actually part of a series; thanks for the heads up! I’ve heard great things about her novels but have yet to try one; they sound really good. Hope you have a great weekend!

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one! I think maybe I have too many library books out and that’s what’s making me anxious.
      The books are a part of a series but as far as I can tell (I’ve just read 2) they are all standalone. I haven’t seen any kind of crossover yet. The Secret Place WAS really good but Broken Harbour was barely ok for me.

    • I’m about 50 pages from finishing it. It’s beautifully written – Anthony Marra is a talented writer. But it’s missing something for me. I will try and pinpoint what that is when I post about it. Or maybe it will have a spectacular, mind-blowing ending and all will be forgiven?

  4. Oh, no! Not $.60!

    I always used to feel SO guilty about library fines, but now I just look at it as supporting my library. I’ll get the book back on time if there’s a hold on it (and for popular books with long hold lists, I make an effort to get it read and returned well before the due date). But if no one else is waiting to read it… eh. A few cents now and then is sometimes worth the convenience.

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