Library Checkout: February 2016

Last month was dismal for library reading so I didn’t bother joining in with RiverCity Reading’s Library Checkout. But February was EXCELLENT for my relationship with the library and here we are!


Library Books Read
My Life on the Road by Gloria Steinem
The Book of Unknown Americans by Cristina Henriquez
The Wrong Girl by David Hewson
The Grownup by Gillian Flynn
The Taxidermist’s Daughter by Kate Mosse
The Right Attitude to Rain by Alexander McCall Smith
A Long Way Down by Nick Hornby
The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan
Pro: Reclaiming Abortion Rights by Katha Politt

Returned Unread

Still To Be Read
The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck
Jennie Churchill: Winston’s American Mother by Anne Sebba
The Color  Purple by Alice Walker
The Sisters: Babe Mortimer Paley, Betsy Roosevelt Whitney, Minnie Astor Fosburgh: The Lives and Times of the Fabulous Cushing Sisters by David Grath

On Hold

See? A great library month. There was nothing better in February than the crackle of a fresh library cover. You know that particular sound that comes from reading a library book, yes?

How was your library month? I don’t know about you, but posting about my library usage always makes me want to run back to the library and get more books. And I need more books like I need a hole in my head.


7 thoughts on “Library Checkout: February 2016

  1. I’m also trying to control my library usage, but I’ve been pretty much failing so far. However, the number I send back unread has been astronomical, so maybe it’s a good plan to still bring them all home and just try not to read them. Then I’m kind of tricking myself into not using the library. Except,it still kills me to take back those unread books.
    Another trick I’ve been using is to go and only bring back books for my kids. You should see their faces when I come in the door with all their library books. When they were little, they would be delighted, but now they look at me like I’ve lost all my marbles. Maybe I have. 🙂

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