Creeping on the commute: I See You

Full disclosure: I received a copy of this book from Penguin Random House of Canada in exchange for an honest review.

The weather has been all kinds of crazy in my neck of the woods. Snow! All week! For a city that rarely sees more than a couple of centimetres all winter.

It’s turned out to be absolutely perfect reading weather. I picked up Clare Mackintosh’s I See You and spent an entire day happily tucked up in my reading chair with it.


Zoe Walker takes the Tube to and from work every day. On her way home one evening, she’s reading the London Gazette and stumbles across her own picture. In a personal ad, in the escort services section. She didn’t place the ad, so how did it get there?

A new woman is featured every day, the women are never looking at the camera. Soon Zoe begins to notice that the women featured in the ads have become the victims of increasingly violent crimes: theft, burglary, sexual assault and even, murder.

Zoe contacts Kelly Swift, a transit officer who was involved with one of the early thefts involving one of the women featured in an ad. Kelly is the only person who takes Zoe’s fears seriously and gets herself seconded on the team that’s investigating one of the potentially related murders.

And that’s as much as I’m telling you!

This book was brilliant. It was well-paced, letting the reader in just enough to let you think that you’ve got it figured out. But Mackintosh is actually leagues ahead of you the entire time.

I See You preys on fears that I have certainly harboured as a woman who commutes. In order to get through the trek, I think commuters are totally guilty of ignoring everyone around them – I just want to get home. But what if you think someone is following you? What if someone is watching you? Someone who knows that you always choose the same seat on the bus, that you always buy your coffee at the same time every day?

When I was reading this, I was glad that it was written by a woman. A woman would share these fears, would understand them. Coming from a man, I think I would have been more creeped out, it might have felt exploitative in a way.

I can’t recommend this book enough to those of you who love thrillers like I do. I find that Christmas is an especially great time for these kinds of books. So if you love the genre, get yourself a copy of I See You.

I haven’t read her debut, I Let You Go, but you better believe I’m looking out for it now. And according to Mackintosh’s instagram, book three is in the making.

13 thoughts on “Creeping on the commute: I See You

  1. I’m not much of the thriller type, but this sounds really creepy. More so, because I take the subway every day to work reading the Metro. Great review and you’ve definitely sold me on this!

    • I catch myself thinking about this book while I’m commuting. Yesterday I congratulated myself on shaking up my routine (not by choice though) because it meant I was being unpredictable. Not that it matters – I’m pretty sure no one is following me. Probably…

  2. This does sound creepy. I would totally worry about all those things (if I was a commuter)!

    Doesn’t snow make the perfect excuse to curl up and read a book? I hope your snow is pretty, and not too messy!

  3. Fabulous review! I am starting this over the weekend. Considering you have a commute yourself, I can well imagine that the book might have given you a pinch of paranoia. I know it would me. Even though I know these sort of fears are irrational, they are the best part of reading books like this.

  4. I’ve with my husband before about what is like to walk or ride alone as a woman, and though he tries to understand, it’s not possible. Therefore, I’m glad this book was written by a woman, too.

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