Sophie Kinsella strikes again

When I started reading Sophie Kinsella’s latest, My Not So Perfect Life, I took a second to look through the list of Kinsella’s other books.

I have read every. Single. One. So I guess you could say that Kinsella is one of my favourite authors.

But even though she’s a favourite, I wouldn’t say that I had unnaturally high expectations for this book. I’ve read all of her work, but I haven’t loved it unconditionally across the board. There were some misses in the middle of the Shopaholic series, Wedding Night was pretty terrible actually and I remember being underwhelmed by The Undomestic Goddess.

So when I tell you that I loved My Not So Perfect Life, know that I mean it and it’s totally worth your time!


Cat Brenner is trying to make a go of her London life. Ever since she can remember, it’s been her dream to live and work in London, despite the fact that it’s kind of breaking her Somerset farmer dad’s heart. So even though she has no money, lives in a terrible flat with heinous roommates, and has a shaky hold on a job at a branding agency that comes with a vile commute, she would never admit that her life isn’t going exactly how she planned. She can’t even remember to answer to her chic new name and constantly introduces herself as Katie.

But then, Katie gets fired and she can’t find another job. She finds herself back home at the family farm, to the delight of her father and stepmother. And they actually have a  great idea – to turn the farm into a glamping vacation destination. Katie decides to help get them up and running while she keeps up the search  – and doesn’t tell them that she lost her job. She’s on a sabbatical!

When her former boss, Demeter, shows up with her family and starts to divulge personal information to Katie, her perspective on everything changes.

If you’re familiar with Kinsella’s work, you should be able to see that it has classic Kinsella elements. There’s also a tall, dark and handsome successful man for Katie to maybe get involved in. But right now, the fact that this book is classic Kinsella, is exactly what I needed. I needed to laugh about crazy roommates, misunderstandings and hi jinx, even some physical comedy.

And in the end, Kinsella rewarded me with a different kind of love story. One where our plucky heroine comes to admire a strong, clever, ambitious woman and finds some of those same elements in herself. A book where the goal is to get a career on track, to fall in love with the work that she’s doing, and to constantly learn from the other brilliant women she works with.

After reading about orphans, backstabbing queens, difficult women and sexual assault, My Not So Perfect Life was just what the bibliotherapist ordered.

(What? That’s a real thing)

19 thoughts on “Sophie Kinsella strikes again

  1. Funny: I don’t think of orphan stories as being sad stories. Guess that’s a pretty revealing comment, the kind one might later wish she hadn’t made! I’ve never read her (crazy, I know) but this sounds like fun and welcome relief (from the other sad stuff you’ve been into, besides the happy orphan tales).

    • hahahahaha you will probably be fine. Stories about orphans are automatically suffused with some kind of sadness for me. Even ones, like Anne, who never knew their parents and so don’t totally know what they missed. As the reader, I know what they lost.
      But yes, this was a real bright spot reading wise!

  2. I love Sophie Kinsella, too, even if she has the occasional miss, which she does. But when she’s on her books always make me laugh. It’s nice to know I have this one to look forward to. Great review! 🙂

  3. I want to be a bibliotherapist!!

    This review is a perfect and we are absolutely alike about Kinsella. I hated Wedding Night, but loved this. Especially because the guy was secondary at best. Katie’s main focus was her work and, now more than ever, I appreciate that. She let the guy go- which is not a chick-lit standard.

    It was a welcome relief at a time when I’m re-watching The Crown to remember what dignity, decorum and putting duty before self means in politics.

    • I seriously looked into bibliotherapy as a career option when I was in university.
      I want to rewatch The Crown so bad! Why is there so much quality television to watch?
      Wedding Night was SO BAD. This one was funny and clever and had a real point to make about loving yourself and finding satisfaction in your work. And then a partner is a bonus!

  4. I’m so glad you slid this book in between all those depressing ones! And it’s always good to know which Kinsellas are the best ones. I do like to read them from time to time, so I’ll be watching out for this one! Her books always end up eventually at the thrift store. 🙂

    • So many Kinsella books at the library! Check the Romance section if you can’t find them in Fiction!
      This book was VERY necessary. I picked up a couple more similar kinds of books at the library the other day…hoping for more success.

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