Non-Fiction November: New to my TBR

And here we are, the final day of November, the last post for Non-Fiction November. This month long celebration of all things non-fiction is hosted by Katie at Doing Dewey, Julie at JulzReads, Sarah of Sarah’s Book Shelves, Lory of Emerald City Book Review, and Kim at Sophisticated Dorkiness.

This week is hosted by Lory at Emerald City Book Review.

A whole month of non-fiction bingeing begs the question: what books made it onto your TBR List?

This year I actually kept track! These are the books that replaced the ones I read this month (and then some because it was not a strong reading month for me!):

Thanks again to Katie, Julie, Sarah, Lory and Kim for hosting another great month of non-fiction. Even though I definitely didn’t get as much non-fiction reading in as I wanted or hoped to, the non-fiction that I did read was pretty great.

(Any event that gets Catherine @ Gilmore Guide to Books to read non-fiction is a success!)

And I’ve added some great new titles to my TBR juuuuuuust in time for Christmas.


4 thoughts on “Non-Fiction November: New to my TBR

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  2. Hey…I resemble that remark! I know, 5 nf books in one month! More than I read all of last year.

    I’m thinking that Alison Weir needs to be added to my list as well. I’m loving her historical fiction about his wives so have got to believe her nonfiction is easy to read as well.

    Wait until you’re in calm headspace to read Whoredom- it will work your last nerve. Irish+Catholic=extreme misogyny

  3. Dear Fahrenheit 451 was fun, but I do recommend that you read it in short bursts, so that the fun doesn’t wear off. Glad you found so many favourites during the event and hope you are having a good reading month in December so far.

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