#LiteraryWives: A Whoops

It’s time for Literary Wives, a blogging club that looks at the depiction of wives in fiction!

Please make sure to check out the posts by the other wives and join in the discussion if you’ve read The Home-Maker by Dorothy Canfield-Fisher!

Kay @ Whatmeread
Lynn @ Smoke and Mirrors
Naomi @ Consumed By Ink

Except that I ordered the book hoping that five weeks would be enough time to receive and read the book and it only arrived yesterday. I’m only 50 pages in! I like what I’ve read so far though so here’s the plan:

  • You all visit Kay, Lynn and Naomi and read their posts about The Home-Maker;
  • I finish the book this week and post about it so I can join the discussion properly;
  • You all accept my deepest apologies for this oversight, especially Kay, Lynn and Naomi!

See you all back later to discuss?

6 thoughts on “#LiteraryWives: A Whoops

    • I was so relieved when it showed up! I read to about page 150 last night. It’s so good, I’m loving it. Lots to discuss! But won’t engage with your posts until I’ve finished/written mine. I’m excited though!

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