Cheer Up!

I had a not-so-great morning today and I noticed that I was getting more worked up and frustrated. So I needed to step away. But I’m not loving the book that I’m reading at the moment so I needed to think of something else to do to distract myself into a better mood.

I was going to just grab lunch but then I realized that I would buy it and just bring it back to the office to eat it and that wouldn’t have accomplished anything. So I took a detour to a small bookstore in the mall. I’m just referring to its size here though, not “small as in not-Chapters.” I’m kind of ashamed of that, given the state of independent bookstores today, but at the same time, desperate times call for desperate measures and as far as I know there isn’t an independent bookstore in the area.

Nothing, and I mean nothing, cheers me up like a book. And even though it’s too close to Christmas for me to be buying books for myself, just being around them and smelling them (I realize that makes me sound insane) is enough for me. Plus, what better to expand my Christmas list than by casually perusing the new titles on offer?

Well I definitely found several new titles to add to The List (go ahead, check it out, you know you’re curious) but I’m also now in that place where all I want to do is grab a book and spend the rest of the day reading, which is not terribly conducive to a productive afternoon.

For me, there is something so uplifting about being around books that I make it a rule to visit the bookstore in the mall at the end of every nightmare-shopping-excursion-where-I found-nothing-that-I-was-looking-for. And instead of leaving the mall irritated, I leave the mall cheerful and animated. Normally this is because I’ve got a brand new book or 2 to accompany me on the way home. But this is true even if I don’t give in to temptation which is, admittedly, rare.

Something about being around books, surrounded by the intoxicating scent of paper and ink, enveloped in the words of Austen and Dickens, Lancaster and Morton, the biographies of van Gogh and Catherine the Great – this comforts me. It’s why I have books all over my house. I love to stare at my bookshelf, to rearrange them to greater advantage and to offer my tomes to those that I think would love them like I love them.

So even though I didn’t buy anything today, with Christmas fast approaching I know that I will soon have more lovelies to love and in the meantime, the occasional visit is enough to get me through all the days in between.