There’s a New Shopaholic Book Out!

Have you heard? Becky Bloomwood is back!


I was lucky enough to get an advance copy of Shopaholic to the Stars and I can say that   this book is totally on par with the best of the Shopaholic books. It’s about time that Becky Bloomwood found her way to Hollywood! This latest installment is classic Kinsella filled with misunderstandings, mix-ups, and ridiculous situations that only Becky Bloomwood would find herself in. But there better be a follow-up coming out soon because there are some serious unanswered questions about that ending!

But this isn’t about the new Shopaholic book. I was reading Karen’s confession style post (which you can [and should] read here) when I realized that when it comes to Sophie Kinsella, I have a lot to say. I thought it might be fun to run some of that down for you guys.

1. Sophie Kinsella is the undisputed queen of Chick Lit. I am a staunch defender of the genre and there’s no one better at it than Kinsella. When she’s not entertaining us with stories of Becky Bloomwood or any of her other standalone heroines, she’s writing under her real name, Madeleine Wickham and those stories are also compulsively readable, full of hijinx and hilarous.

2. My favourite of her standalone novels has always been Can You Keep a Secret? Emma is a nervous flyer and on a flight home she regales her seat partner with all of her most embarassing secrets. Turns out he’s the new boss coming to inspect the UK division and he remembers her and all her secrets. You can imagine the hijinx that follow. I also love Twenties Girl about modern day Lara who ends up spending time with the ghost of her great-aunt Sadie. Sounds a little far-fetched but I remember it being loads of fun and kind of moving. And I’ve Got Your Number was really excellent too.

3. I thought that the Shopaholic series took a dive somewhere in the middle and I was concerned that either I’d outgrown the genre or Kinsella had exhausted the character. But then Mini Shopaholic (even Shopaholic and Baby was a massive improvement over the previous two books) really redeemed the series. And Shopaholic to the Stars is really very good.

4. The Shopaholic movie was a disaster but I wish that someone would adapt one of the standalone books. I’m fairly confident that The Undomestic Goddess, I’ve Got Your Number or Remember Me? would all make excellent movies.

5. I have read every one of Kinsella’s books and I probably always will. So keep ’em coming Sophie!

Shopaholic to the Stars is out in Canada today!