I Want These Books RIGHT NOW!

Often, when I’ve been reading the same thing for a while, I get antsy to read something new. Usually this isn’t because I’m not enjoying what I’m reading but because I’ve gotten used to burning through several books in a week and when I’m not doing that, I get antsy.

So you can imagine what three weeks with only two books in my possession did to me. I also had these grand plans of visiting libraries all over Italy and marvelling at the history that was in front of me but, no joke, every single library I tried to visit in Italy refused to let me in. In the week that I’ve been home, my bookish lust is in overdrive. I’ve barely been able to stop myself from shopping for books, online or in store, or from going to the library and taking home all the books.

I envision glorious summer days at lakes, in parks, on patios with fabulous reading material in hand.

Wondering what all I want to be reading? I thought I’d put together a little list of the books I’m dying to read.

The Luckiest Girl Alive by Jessica Knoll. OK look, I hear you – it’s been compared to Gone Girl and those comparisons need to die. But Reese Witherspoon said we have to read this book (probably because she’s going to produce the movie) and I kind of trust her on that. I can picture myself at my in-laws with this in my hand.

The House of Dolls and The Wrong Girl by David Hewson. This is the author who wrote The Killing. Which I can’t read because I’ve already watched the show (so good). But these two books take place in Amsterdam and I haven’t read any crime fiction that takes place in Amsterdam yet but obviously I need to!

Primate of Park Avenue by Wednesday Martin. There’s been a lot of chatter about this one in the news. All this talk of wife bonuses and people saying she’s a liar and the publisher announcing it would add a note to future editions about the subject matter. But you guys, this is like an anthropological look at humans on the Upper East Side! I’m not so concerned with how true it is, it’s just going to be entertaining as hell!

The Royal We by Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan. When I was about 15, I stumbled on some fan-fiction online. It was about this regular (American) girl who goes to London and runs into Princes William and Harry and one of them totally falls in love with her because she’s so normal and lovely. (This may have been a point in my life where I was convinced I was going to marry Prince William…) The story was never finished and I have no idea what happened to the author, but The Royal We sounds like it could be the rest of that story. Cocks and Morgan know their Royals – they run the gossip blog, Go Fug Yourself. I can totally picture myself outside with this guilty pleasure!

Dietland by Sarai Walker. I already wanted to read this and then I read this post about it on Gun in Act One and now I need to read it immediately!


Those are the ones that I am itching to run out and buy right now. What’s on your list that you absolutely HAVE to read ASAP?

13 thoughts on “I Want These Books RIGHT NOW!

  1. I feel like this all the time! But, this week it felt worse, because there were all the posts about books brought home from BEA, and on Tuesday the TTT was about most anticipated books. It was killing me. I’m trying to ignore it all and focus on my own fabulous lists.
    But, to answer your question, a few that are high on my list of ‘I almost went out and bought them because I couldn’t wait for my library to get them’ are The Shore, Dietland, and The Beautiful Bureaucrat.

    • Oh yes, get Juliet’s Nurse! It was a really great retelling of the story. I loved it.
      I’m conflicted about the Harper Lee! I’m so not convinced about how it was brought about. I’m sure I will eventually read it but I don’t feel like I have to run out and get it.

  2. Oh, Dietland. I might have to break my book-buying ban for that one I read the same post by Gun in Act One and really want to read it now, but there are 5 people in front of my waiting for the library edition. And the person who currently has it is late returning it. I do want to read Girl Waits With Gun this summer. (Why wouldn’t the Italians let you into their libraries?)

    • I can never be late returning books now because I’m always so aware that someone else might be waiting for it. FIVE people!
      I didn’t have a library card, I didn’t belong so I wasn’t allowed in…

  3. That’s crazy talk! Why wouldn’t the Italians let you in?!

    I so badly want to read The Royal We too! It sounds so cute. My bestie just got her library copy and its making me jealous! My friends are reading Primate of Park Avenue as well and I’m very curious. I think I’m going to have to find a copy. Holly and I just started reading the Invasion of the Tearling- which I’ve needed since the minute I finished the first one. I want to leave work and sit outside and read NOW.

    • I didn’t have a library card! They sit in front and make you show it to them before they let you in!
      I so badly want to do the EXACT SAME THING. Summer vacations did not prepare us well for real life. Working in the summer is impossible and I don’t even really like the sun!

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